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The GB Series: A Full-Flow Valve for Your Toughest Environments)

The GB Series: A Full-Flow Valve for Your Toughest Environments

The corrosion resistance and compatibility you need in a 6000 psi (413 bar) ball valve.

Achieve more with GB series
Find the Right Valve Every Time.)

Find the Right Valve Every Time.

Choose ideal valves for your fluid system applications by using the “STAMPED” decision-making method. Read our Swagelok Reference Point article to learn how it works.

Achieve More With Support From Local Fluid System Advisors.)

Achieve More With Support From Local Fluid System Advisors.

Make your fluid systems work harder for you.

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Material Matters. )

Material Matters.

Choose the right alloys to reduce corrosion in your fluid systems by reading our Materials Selection Guide and working with our materials specialists.

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