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Welcome to
Swagelok Reference Point

Swagelok Reference Point brings Swagelok’s unmatched expertise into one centralized resource for fluid system professionals.


Swagelok Reference Point provides industrial professionals with resources designed to help decrease downtime, increase efficiencies and troubleshoot quickly. Swagelok Reference Point blog posts will help you maintain a well-trained and safe workplace. Browse our latest blog posts below.

Latest Blog Posts

Orbital Welding Training: Tools for the Emerging Welding Workforce

The escalating welder shortage affects tomorrow’s global manufacturing. Automatic orbital welding can help combat the problem, but not without proper training. Learn what to look for in an orbital welding program to prepare your emerging workforce.


Tips to Maintaining a Representative Sample in an Analytical Instrumentation System

Maintaining a representative sample within an analytical instrumentation system can be difficult. Learn how to identify major issues and avoid complications associated with a compromised representative sample from the experts at Swagelok.


Calculating the ROI of Process Analyzer Technology

Process analyzers are a costly, but necessary, sampling system expenditure. When justifying this expense, it’s important that you accurately calculate the analyzer’s ROI. Learn how to determine ROI and save your plant money with tips from Swagelok.