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Welding Power Supply

  • Provides precision and control for orbital welding with easy-to-use touchscreen operation and documentation
  • Monitors and records weld output performance in real-time
  • Uses a high-resolution color touchscreen suitable for industrial use
  • Has a peak output capability up to 200-amp
  • Provides printed and/or electronic documentation of weld output performance
  • Has multiple language capability, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Meets CE, RoHS (EU), CCC (China), and Canadian requirements


Power Input 100 to 230 V (ac)
Power Output 2 to 200 A (dc)
Duty Cycle / Service Rating 100% / 95 A average output with 100 V/20 A input
100% / 100 A average output with 115 V/20 A input
60% / 140 A average output with 200 V/20 A input
100% / 120 A average output with 230 V/16 A input
25% / 200 A average output with 230 V/16 A input
Dimensions 13.5 H by 22.8 W by 15.5 D in. (34.3 by 57.9 by 39.4 cm)
Weight 51.4 lb (23.3 kg)

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