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Our Culture

Our Culture

Our Culture

A dynamic, inclusive environment where associates are valued and empowered

As a Swagelok associate, your performance directly affects the success of the company. When people with different ideas, experiences and backgrounds collaborate to achieve common goals, the result is inspiring and beneficial.

Each day, you’ll be encouraged to focus on customers, strive for the highest quality, do what’s right, respect others and create new ways to work better. Our associates help sustain this positive and rewarding work environment by living our values.

  • Quality - Provide high value and high performance in our products, processes, and services
  • Integrity - Choose to do the right thing with courage and character
  • Respect - Commit to the success of each associate through an environment where people are trusted, respected, and treated fairly
  • Customer Focus - Create value for the customer to create value for Swagelok
  • Innovation - Challenge conventional wisdom to create new value for the customer
  • Continuous Improvement - Systematically and consistently do things better

Here’s a snapshot of what it looks and feels like to work at Swagelok…

Five Facts about Our Culture

  1. People who work at Swagelok are called “associates” and they are treated like associates. Our associates own shares in the company and they benefit from the company’s success.
  2. The spirit of collaboration is embedded in our culture. It’s woven throughout departments and distributorships as well as committees and teams.
  3. Every Swagelok executive, engineer and shop floor associate strives for Zero Customer Disappointments. It’s a way of life; a target that’s always before us.
  4. We’re guardians of safety. Try walking past the dotted blue line on the shop floor without safety glasses and see how far you get. Not very far—even if you’re a top executive.
  5. Many of our associates stay 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years. Some pursue advancement through cross-functional opportunities while others remain focused in one area of the company.

From Our Associates

Swagelok associates feel that they contribute to the success of the organization as they take on challenging opportunities—ones that grow their knowledge and careers. They often note that they feel appreciated and empowered at our company. Here’s what a few have to say:

“I started with Swagelok as a project engineer and part of the Leadership Development Program. From the first day, I felt a warm welcome and could see the company’s culture and value of respect for the individual was evident. The onboarding process and management made for an easy transition from college to industry, and I am excited to dive into both project and leadership opportunities.” – Claire Dobbertin, Career Development Program participant

"It's the people and their strong sense of teamwork that count. No matter where I go within Swagelok, people are always willing to help." Sandy Warnack, Assembly

“What I like about the culture at Swagelok is that it’s really diverse. You have people that have been here for 30 years and then you have people like me who’ve just started out.”  – Justin Hamilton, Production Supervisor and Program Owner for the Senior Design Projects Program

More about Our Culture

Swagelok’s culture also presents professional development and training opportunities for associates at every level. This includes online coursework and classroom courses.

Additionally, membership in our Emerging Professionals group provides avenues for personal and professional growth through relationship building, supporting local communities and developing leadership qualities. As a Swagelok Emerging Professional, you gain greater opportunities to make a positive difference in the community and your career.