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Entry Level Positions

Swagelok Entry Level

Entry-Level Positions

If you're starting off or starting over…

Swagelok offers several options for individuals just entering the workforce and for those looking to take a completely new direction with their careers. Here’s an overview of what we offer:

Internships, Cooperative Education and Academic Affiliate Programs

  • Our internships are short-term, work-based learning programs that provide opportunities to develop new skills and strengthen understanding in new areas. Examples include:
    • Manufacturing internships for  high school students and adults enrolled in technical programs at local career centers and colleges in areas such as machining, maintenance, and welding
    • Summer college internships in engineering, finance, operations management, human resources, customer service, information services, marketing, communications, and other departments
  • Engineering cooperatives offer engineering students extended periods of alternating work and school focus. Engineering students can spend one or more semesters working full-time, gaining hands-on experience at Swagelok.
  • Swagelok also teams up with local educational institutions to offer fast-track training programs.
    • The Right Skills Now Program is a collaboration between Swagelok, the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network (MAGNET) and Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) that prepares individuals for a career in the manufacturing industry as a CNC operator. It combines training with an eight-week paid internship. Plus, once an individual successfully completes the program, he or she is offered a full-time position at Swagelok.

Career Development Program

New graduates develop on-the-job technical and leadership skills in engineering or supply chain multi-year rotational programs. Participants rotate through various areas, such as:

  • Product engineering 
  • Manufacturing engineering 
  • Project engineering 
  • Production planning 
  • Supply chain planning 
  • Customer service 

Those successfully completing the program can pursue both technical and leadership positions within the company.

“The CDP program gave me the opportunity to learn about different areas of the business and build a large network of company contacts in a short amount of time.”

– Jana Rayle, OFC